​​Our computer forensics expert consultants, forensic examiners and forensic analysts are experienced in working closely with case teams in all phases of litigation and discovery.


When a data breach occurs, you can trust us to react quickly, preserve key evidence, and work with your IT staff in the response.

Forensics Consulting

Proven experts you can trust

We understand the importance of presenting accurate reports in court, and create a plan to get there through expert collections.

When faced with potential litigation your company's outside counsel is likely the first call you make. We are experienced in working with outside counsel and their case team from early pre-litigation matters, through analysis, discovery and on to providing expert witness testimony. We are experienced in the recovery of evidence embedded in systems and data sources that the legal document review will not find.

Throughout the life of a case, from pre-litigation investigation through trial, our forensic consultants assist the legal team in leveraging the useful evidence buried in computer systems. Digital evidence may be stored as deleted remnants of data, cached data not normally visible to users, log files, encrypted data and other artifacts that a forensic examiner can restore and properly interpret. Whether crucial evidence to show provenance of documents or tracking the telltale signs of a network intruder digital forensics provides the evidence analysis needed by counsel advocating for corporate clients in today’s IT environment.



Digital Forensics|ESI|Data Breach Response

why aver consulting?

Work with our experienced consultants who specialize in the preservation, reporting and presentation of findings in computer forensic analysis.

Our consultants work with you in addressing the often complex issues in discovery of ESI and the litigation necessities in your case.