Aver Consulting is an experienced team of trusted computer forensics and cyber security professionals. We believe that success is achieved through involving our clients as active partners in the forensic process, and provide expert consultation and availability during each step.


Our Approach


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Peter Garza
Principal and Senior Computer Forensics Consultant

Peter Garza began his computer forensics career as a special agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in the early 1990's as the case agent and forensics examiner in fraud, general crimes and counterintelligence cases. In 1999, Peter resigned from government service and started his first computer forensics consulting firm.  Since then Peter has been the consulting, neutral or testifying expert in hundreds of civil litigation cases.

"The satisfaction I feel as a computer forensics consultant today goes back to my time as a federal agent working cases.  I am an investigator at heart.  I  enjoy being part of the litigation case team and doing all I can to do effective work identifying and preserving the right data, crafting and executing effective forensic protocols and ultimately providing effective expert witness testimony."


The best way to describe Aver Consulting is that we focus on forensic consulting. With hundreds of litigation cases behind us, we are experienced in listening to where you are in pursuing your case and working to advise you on how we can help a case team effectively deal with computer evidence. Of course, we can simply forensically copy data for you.  However, we enjoy the challenges that come with being part of the case team.

We bring the most value to your client if we understand your case early and can help your client avoid mistakes and to leveraging computer evidence more effectively than your opposition.