Considering the importance of accurate and admissible reports in the litigation process, investing in expert forensic collection from the beginning is vital. Aver Consulting will partner with you to determine the specific needs of your case, execute forensic collections with precision, and deliver thorough reports that you can feel confident presenting in court.
When breaches occur, you want experience on your side. You can trust Aver Consulting to react quickly, preserve key evidence, and guide your team management and data systems back to normal, secure operations. 

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Data Breach

Computer Forensics

When you partner with Aver Consulting, you are backed by a hand-picked team of experienced computer forensic consultants who meet directly with key members of your organization to determine the right plan forward. Our teams specialize in the location, preservation, documentation and presentation of findings, especially if future legal action is planned.

Forensic Collection

Our consultants are experienced in working with C-Suite executives and IT staff and asking them the right questions needed to guide case development. Aver Consulting specializes in correctly documenting the CSI process and developing the right deliverables for litigation that non-tech professionals can understand.
Whether faced with potential litigation, an external server breach, or data recovery, Aver Consulting is prepared to guide you and your team through each process while delivering expert results. Through analysis, discovery and providing expert witness testimony with ESI Consultation, or recovering hard-to-reach, embedded evidence using cutting edge forensic methods, we work with you to craft a unique team of experts to serve as your trusted advisors from start to finish.

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