Paul Brown
Written by Paul Brown, Partner
Thompson Coburn LLP
St. Louis, Missouri
Peter Garza provided invaluable assistance in analyzing metadata in a misappropriation of trade secrets case to show that the plaintiff's expert was incorrect in his opinion that the defendant had received and saved electronic trade secrets data on a date that was different from the date testified to by the recipient. Confronted with Mr. Garza's analysis, plaintiff's expert was forced to recant his opinion, which ultimately resulted in the plaintiff accepting a settlement from the defendant that plaintiff had previously rejected.

Jonathan Land
Written by Jonathan Land, Of Counsel
Quinn Emanuel Urqhart & Sullivan LLP
I have worked with Peter several times since 2002, including a case where he testified for us at trial. I really appreciate his law enforcement background which comes in handy for investigations work. He's good at quickly assessing the situation and coming up with creative and cost-effective solutions. He is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. I've got him on speed dial whenever an usual forensic issue arises.

Ben Escobar
Written by Ben Escobar, Partner
Akerman LLP
Peter was an integral part of our defense team in a complex trade secret case; helped us determine the origin of programmable logic controller code and prepared us for cross-examination of plaintiff's expert. I have not worked with a better computer forensic consultant.

Identity withheld
Written by Identity withheld for privacy
Global law firm
I worked closely with Peter Garza responding to one of the largest and most serious data breaches in United States history at the time. Peter led investigation into the cause of the breach, which presented a whole host of unique challenges, given that the intruders had erased their tracks and had left very little tangible evidence behind them.

The pressure surrounding Peter's work was intense because of the need to notify millions of consumers around the world whether their personal information had been compromised, combined with constant public debate about the cause and extent of the breach everywhere from Internet blogs to Capitol Hill. Notwithstanding the intense pressure, Peter carefully reconstructed what had happened, providing timely reports to our legal team and the C-level management of the company. Peter's reports were sometimes met with resistance and even criticism, but he always held his ground and the quality of his work product was always superb-and accurate.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Peter and his team on another time sensitive investigation. Once again I found the quality of his work to be superior in all respects. He was able to preserve and interpret a large quantity of financial data in a very short period of time.

Most importantly, from the perspective of a litigator who handles intense crisis management situations, Peter is the definition of grace under pressure. He is nothing short of unflappable, and does not allow outside or internal influencs to interfere with his pursuit of excellent and his completion of the task at hands.

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